Special occasions warrant special photographs. Manipulating a picture can be labor intensive and involve multiple techniques to produce a desired effect.
This is the most customized service.
  $20 - $40 per image

The sample to the left demonstrates how a simple picture can be transformed into a cover for a party invitation.
  • The little girl was "cut out" from the background in the original picture. 
  • Color and contrast (light/dark) adjustments were made to increase the richness of the photograph.
  • Blemishes were removed.
  • The background was "grabbed" from a small area above the little girl's left shoulder in the original picture then enlarged and duplicated in the final photograph.
  • Text was added with consideration given to font style, size, color, and position.
  • The final photograph was resized to accommodate the party invitation's size
Please note: This is not a graphic design service. Pictures will only be manipulated to the customer's specifications. Simple text and backgrounds can be added, if desired. 


                               Samples of adding simple graphics: