The Photo Junkie Project was created to help amateur shutterbugs transform everyday pictures into viable photographs.

All of us have taken pictures of friends, family, and places/things that interest us. Unfortunately, not every picture turns out the way we had hoped. The Photo Junkie Project is a tool that allows shutterbugs achieve the photograph(s) they had intended to take by making simple or complex adjustments/enhancements to an original image.

In addition, the Photo Junkie Project offers services that expand the usefulness and creativity of a beloved photography collection. Images created by older photographic techniques can be preserved and better accessed by transferring to CD. Restoration can revive damaged or faded photographs. Images can be manipulated to create special occasion project pieces. And lastly, pictures can be resized opening the window to different ways of displaying a favorite photograph.

The process is easy. Mail a CD or send an email with the original digital picture(s) to The Photo Junkie Project. Original prints, slides and/or negatives can be mailed as well, or picked-up if within the Seattle area. Select a service. Once the service has been completed, choose how the final photograph(s) will be returned to you: CD, email, print(s), online photo lab submission. The Photo Junkie Project will return all original materials with the utmost care.

Attention business owners: The Photo Junkie Project now offers Product Photography. Today's world is a visual maze. Getting the right imagery to market your product successfully is key. Final product shots are suitable for advertisements, catalogs, flyers, websites, product information sheets - whatever your business needs may be.

The Photo Junkie Project is powered by a photographic artist with over 10 years experience in graphic design, digital photo manipulation, and traditional photography, including darkroom/photo lab work. 

All inquiries can be made to:  Heather Mathias / / 206.431.3001